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The name H3 was derived from the family (sir) name Holden. The number 3 is a reference to the 3rd generation drummer Mark Holden. The underlying mission of H3 Drum Science is to offer new and innovative drum products to the market. The new products are conceptualized and tested within H3 Drum Science. Once a new product has gone through the research and development process, H3 then searches for the appropriate manufacturers. 


Within the three generations of Holdens, there are over 100 years of recognition and experience in the drumming industry.  H3 Drum Science has a keen insight on drum products and their viability in today’s marketplace.  Having this combined experience, along with the intimate relationship of drum products and musicians, allows H3 Drum Science to proceed with the confidence it needs to succeed. Never forgetting the importance of a proper well-rounded team, H3 Drum Science has surrounded itself with valuable spiritual, management, financial and legal resources.


- God owns this company. 


“We are now an official Vic Firth product! Check it out here. VICWAX hits the markets

March 2018!”

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The underlying mission of H3 DrumScience is to offer new and innovative drum products.  While merging the past with the future in theory and technology, we capture the experience, creativity, and honesty in today’s drum market. Our core values are innovation, integrity and high-quality design. We take pride in the way we communicate with and serve our customers.  We measure success by the number of creations that find an effectual presence in the drummers’ toolkit.
Mark Holden
Florida Booking:
Bob Holden
Natalie Holden
Rhode Island Booking:
Charlie Holden
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